MYIPTVFREE Software for pc,laptop and Android apps for fon,tablet and android box to watch hundreds of world channels free

Myiptvfree is one of many choices we have today for watching hundreds of world channels through pc,laptop,fon,tablet and android box but of course there is 2 different programs to use that is 1-software for pc,laptop and 2nd-android apps for fon,tablet and android box.

Many of us mostly currently using pay tv,satellite tv,cable tv and android box tv but all of these are very expensive and need to pay monthly billing but with this iptv software and android apps everyone can watch hundreds of world free channels without monthly billing..yes you heard it correct NO MONTHLY BILLING!

How this iptv software and android apps  can be used to watched world it scam of just's not scam or gimmicks.....actually iptv software is like video media player..jst like in every pc,laptop but this particular iptv video media player can play certain format files which is same format satellite tv channels you can add these formats to iptv software to paly all channels for free.

But wait not just world channels...this software video media player can be used to record media files,screen shot and many useful also can add url from video portals to be played direct from this video media software and at the same time record according to your needs.

As for watching same free channels on android android apps will be you can watch same channels on the go without missing any favorite programs.

Both software and android apps to watch hundreds of world channels without billing is free but i'm charging a one time fee of usd5.50 or usd14.50 (2 packages available) for step by step guide with illustration on how to add channels to iptv to search for new channels..whats web site is providing free channels including hot and spicy channels,movie channels,sports channels,anime channels,drama channels,news channels,fashion channels and so you can add new channels your self all the time.

***If you need sample videos about the actual channels look for right side of and watch the actual channels that is recorded through the iptv software...all these channels are real and actual channels available and all channels are in digital and HD quality.

Member can visit my ORDER PAGE then pay to local account provided if you're Malaysia or use PAYPAL for outstation members.After payment successful email/fill the form/sms/watsapp/PM payment details such as time,date,amount,email / foto of receipt and email / if paid via paypal-send "already pay pal"

I will send ordered package via email zip file download...just download,install and enjoy...every steps included in the step by step guide pdf file.

Thank you and have a nice day

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